Berkoff & Physical Theatre

Since 1979, George Dillon has worked on 13 productions of Berkoff's work including 3 productions with Berkoff (twice as Assistant Director), and since 1991 he has given over 200 workshops with students, professional performers and business groups both in the UK and abroad.

Practical Artaud

Artaud is one of the giants of 20th century dramatic theory, but are his ideas really "in the end only visions, a sort of poem about the actor" (as Grotowski says.) In this workshop students will explore how Artaud's ideas can be put in practice.

Making Solo Work

Audition speeches and soliloquies present every actor with the challenge of being alone on stage, but while solo shows have become an increasingly popular route for actors to showcase themselves few realise that solo theatre is a form which demands a different approach to acting in a company. In the last twenty five years, George Dillon has given nearly 1,000 performances in seven acclaimed one man shows, adapting, directing and producing as well as performing.

George Dillon's Tour Dates

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