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At the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2003 the BBC's flagship religious affairs program Songs of Praise featured an extract of The Gospel of Matthew filmed during a live performance, and George was also interviewed by the show's presenter, Aled ('The Showman') Jones. The producer of that program was so impressed he persuaded Grampian TV to commission the filming of the whole show for their Sunday Service program, and the result was broadcast in 2 parts on 11th and 18th July 2004.


Here are 20 screen grabs from the video.

John the Baptist Temptation

Sermon on the mount The Parable of the Sower

"Don't go to the Gentiles!" Walking on water

"Come to me!" ...he lifted them to a high mountain

The Transfiguration "Woe to you, lawyers and priests - hypocrites!"

"On no stone will be left another stone which is not overthrown." "If you did this for the least of these... you did it for me."

"Father... " "You said it!"

"Crucify him!" "His blood is on us!"

"Hail, King of the Jews!" "My God, My God - Why did you leave me?"

"Go and teach all the Nations." Everyday to the end of time.

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