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by Steven Berkoff

Three savagely funny, intensely intimate stories by the maverick genius of British theatre. An actor takes stock of his world in The Secret of Capitalism, both sides of a sordid brief encounter are exposed in Say a Prayer for Me, and Hell is the ultimate appeal for a little sympathy and company.

In turns funny, harrowing, real and surreal, this daring performance is nothing short of brilliant.

Combining the precision and timing of the practised story-teller with the physical expressiveness of the accomplished actor,  Dillon brings measured delivery, carefully stylised visual imagery and the degree of physical and emotional vulnerability needed to translate powerful prose into disturbing, dangerous theatre.

There's a definite buzz in the sell-out crowd for the opening of a new Berkoff by one of the most-praised solo performers of recent Fringes.   If you thought Berkoff was all arch bombast, then try this mesmeric wade through the quagmires of despair.   From its monotone opening to its killer final line, it's both unique and fascinating.

One cannot be unaffected by Dillon's virtuoso performance in this world premiere of Berkoff's two monologues.  It is a tour de force in which the actor and his material become one and the fusion of life and theatre is complete.

These three short tales make for a miserable yet marvellous evening. He is raucous, humourous, pitiful and exceptionally tender. The stage is empty, the subject matter almost banal, so there is nothing but the force of Dillon's performance to carry you through.  He does not disappoint.  Here is a performance  which cannot be too highly recommended.

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Say a Prayer for Me & Hell was a hit at the 1992 Edinburgh Festival and on tour in Spring 1993.  In August 1993, The Secret of Capitalism made up the trilogy at the Gate Theatre in London.

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