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Winner of a Herald 'Angel' Award, short-listed for The Stage's 'Best Actor in Edinburgh', and acclaimed by critics and audiences in ten countries, Dillon's solo staging of Berkoff's Graft - Tales of an Actor is both a unique master-class in the craft of acting and a savage cautionary tale about the perils of entering the theatrical profession.

Graft is ten chapters in the life and many deaths of Harry - a dedicated actor, who is often out of work, rejected and desperate to practise his craft. From his first audition to his final curtain Graft unflinchingly exposes the reality and questions the sacrifice.

“One show all those Edinburgh hopefuls should see!”
The Guardian

“Holds the audience so rapt I am convinced we collectively stopped breathing... the most compelling storytelling you will see!”
The Herald

“Berkoff: Brutal, compassionate, brilliant. Examines the actor's soul with a precision that is acutely painful and appallingly funny!”
Richard E Grant

“The best example to watch how to perform is George Dillon.”
Steven Berkoff

From the acerbic pen of theatre legend, Steven Berkoff, comes the life story of Harry, a good actor and a dedicated artist, who is often out of work, rejected and desperate to practise his craft. From his first audition to enter drama school to his final curtain at Leicester Square, GRAFT unflinchingly exposes the reality and questions the sacrifice.

“Graft blow-torches the facade off the acting world and is stunningly executed by the genius of George Dillon. Vocally compelling, Dillon is an actor with it all. His electric desperation and vitriol collide with painful cravings of the soul to produce a truly powerful performance. Never indulgent, Dillon's physicality is organically and poignantly precise. His own idiosyncratic talent soars.” The List

George Dillon first acted in a student production of Berkoff's EAST nearly thirty years ago, and has since worked with Steven Berkoff on five productions and has produced and starred in another eight with his own company, Vital Theatre, including three world premieres.

“Dillon's performance holds the audience so rapt that at points I am convinced we collectively stopped breathing. Dillon clowns as much as he grimaces, strutting and fretting his hour upon the stage in a way that is intuitive and inventive - the most compelling storytelling you will see.” The Herald

GRAFT won George Dillon a Herald Angel Award at the Edinburgh Festival in 2000 and a nomination for The Stage's Best Actor Award. The show has since been seen in more than 10 countries.

“He doesn't hold the stage for an hour and a half: he is the stage on which Harry's life unfolds, sweeping the audience along with irresistible force. The play should be compulsory viewing for all who want to take up an acting career, but above all else, it is Dillon's performance which sticks in the mind, a virtuoso performance to cherish and a standard for the rest of the Fringe to live up to!”

Graft was first published in 1998 by Oberon books. It can be ordered via Steven Berkoff's website

George Dillon's Tour Dates

(as of Thursday, 19 September 2019)

Show              Date                     TOWN, Venue               


Workshop Friday
27th September 2019
Westholme School


Workshop Tuesday
1st October 2019
Pineapple Studios

Workshop Thursday
10th October 2019
St Paul's School

Workshop Monday
21st October 2019
Rendcomb College


Workshop Tuesday
5th November 2019
Farlington School
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