I haven't used this in years. I tried Agnitum, then Comodo and then plumped for Online Armor. Seems like the free firewall world is fast changing.

Popular and effective free firewall Zonealarm  4 stars

Popular and effective free firewall

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ZoneAlarm is an Internet security utility and firewall that detects all Internet access on your computer and controls which programs have access to the Internet. What's a firewall and why MUST you have one? See my Basic Online Security article.
But don't wait to find out why a firewall is a MUST HAVE for anyone using the Internet or why Zonealarm is not only free but widely considered the best currently available... just get this NOW! before 'they' get you!


Please Don't Contact Me...

About any app NO LONGER in my 50 Favourites... I simply don't want to know...

For help... Please don't contact ME for help using any program. I only recommend it, I don't (and can't) offer a free support service for every program I recommend.
What you can do for yourself is...if you have any problems with anything I've recommended, contact the author of the program, or Google it.

Re: broken links... Links change. I have stated above the date on which I last checked the links. When I next update this section I'll check all the links again. So please don't contact me if the links don't work - I'll find out eventually.
What you can do for yourself is... if the links I give are broken, try searching for the program using Google or FileMirrors - that's what I'd do!

Re: it's not freeware! All of the programs I recommend in this section are 'free' in the sense that they were at one time distributed as fully functional software with no payment required for their continued use. However... some software companies withdraw their freeware, or offer programs as freeware for a short period before 'upgrading' them to shareware. So please don't contact ME to say any program I recommend is no longer freeware. I'll find out when I next update.
What you can do for yourself is... search the net... As I understand it, if you can find the original freeware distribution, and it still works, there's nothing to prevent you from legitimately using it. You could try the Last Freeware Version or

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