Removing Internet Explorer is a good idea IN THEORY but in practise too many websites break without it.

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Uninstall Internet Explorer

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IEradicator is a tiny, 50K ASCII script that removes Internet Explorer, either because you don't want it or because you want a clean basis for an upgrade. It is NOT a complete removal, however, as they say in the manual - "The removal process eliminates 99% of Internet Explorer's files and registry keys to clear approximately 30MB of disk space. The remaining 1% is left behind to maintain compatibility with programs that use the MS HTML layout engine (e.g. Outlook Express)... After an IEradicator removal you have a clean foundation onto which you can install a more recent version of IE and the result is likely to be a smoother install and more stable final product when compared to an upgrade installation.... Severe problems and Operating system Crashes can be solved by removing IE with IEradicator and then reinstalling IE again (if that's your choice) from the source files."
WARNING: IERad is an extreme fix for a very complex issue. Make sure you have the appropriate version of IERad for the particular mode of destructiveness you wish to unleash on your system and RTFM (read the f. manual) very very carefully. If you intend to reinstall Internet Explorer you may need to do a considerable amount of manually backing up of favorites and address books and so on... in particular note that IEradicator will not enable you to clean IE5 off a machine in order to go back to IE4, and I found to my cost that attempts to use it to do so may damage your system. My chortling joy as IEradicator appeared to effortlessly wipe IE5 from my test PC (running Win95) subsequently turned to woe of the first order when repeated attempts to install IE4 were met with the IE5 boot screen and finally (on my third attempt) an unstoppable looping error in browseui.dll, and (for want of a working CTRL+ALT+DEL or even a reset button on my old 486) I just had to switch the thing off. The result was some serious scandisking and the ultimate trashing of all the data on that hard drive. Obviously the moral is backup first and don't apply such radical measures to a production machine, but I'd be interested to know if anyone else has successfully used IEradicator to replace IE5 with IE4.
A further blow comes with the release of IE6. In their benevolent wisdom, M$ have dropped Java and Netscape plug-in support. IF you install IE6 over IE4 or IE5 then you are given the choice of keeping the Java engine (if you have it installed). But if you use IERad first, then IE6 will install without any Java support and you won't be able to add it afterwards. Thank you Microsoft. Thank you very very much!


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